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About these notes

Hi, I’m Aristotelis! Welcome to my notes. To address some naturally occurring questions about these notes: Why-do-I-write-notes What-do-I-want-from-my-notes I treat these Notes as a lifelong thinking partner and I think...

Backlinks can create implicit nodes in networked notes

Notes should be densely linked, but it can be a high friction activity to stop and create a proper note whenever there is a need for it. Friction reduces the...

Crafting an idea and presenting it to an audience are separate efforts

Non-binding and non-judgmental environments are crucial during early ideation. The idea is still not formed, and you are figuring out what exactly is it that you want to say. Trying...

Linked Notes

Linked notes[^similar] are a way to use Writing-as-a-user-interface-that-facilitates-thinking. The point is not writing notes per se, but accumulating knowledge, developing insight, and enhancing creativity. They are continuously-refined, living documents. [^similar]:...

Note types help separate insight from general writing

I Keep all notes in a single folder because it makes it easier for me to keep my note-taking practice. This combined with the fact that I use Writing as...