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Common techniques for coding problems


  • Sliding window
  • Two/three-pointer
  • Recursion, DFS, BFS, DP
  • Interval problems (insert, merge)
  • Linked lists (reverse, find dups, etc.)
  • Prefix sum
  • Binary search
  • Bit manipulation (sum of 2 integers, is power of 2)
  • Anagram:
    • Sort strings → O(NlogN) time, O(logN) space
    • Frequency counting of characters → O(N) time, O(1) space
  • Palindrome:
    • Is reverse equal to self
    • Expand pointers from the center (i,i) for odds, (i, i+1) for evens
    • Use DP for subsequences

See also some Funky Big-O complexities.

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