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Notes as a lifelong thinking partner


I want to be able to remember my thoughts, and revisit my work: Why-do-I-write-notes. Thoughts unwritten are invisible and hard to manipulate: Externalizing-thought-yields-clarity.

The practice of writing Linked-notes results in a web of thoughts that are continuously updated, improved and revisited. Over time, this body of notes grows to a substantial amount of work and personal journaling.

Whenever I am thinking of my goals for the future, or re-evaluating my moral foundations, I can open related notes and see the arguments of my past self there. When I want to write an essay on software design, I can pull a lot of nearly publishable content from my notes.

It is like having a lifelong thinking partner, who remembers everything you said, everything you believed, everything you have known, everything you argued for.

Doing all of this in digital form has several advantages such as Linked-notes-should-be-searchable. At the same time, one should be careful with their software choices: Files-should-outlive-the-application.

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About these notes

Hi, I’m Aristotelis! Welcome to my notes. To address some naturally occurring questions about these notes: Why-do-I-write-notes What-do-I-want-from-my-notes I treat these Notes as a lifelong thinking partner and I think...

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