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Notes Can Store Structured Information In Yaml Header


You can use YAML front matter to keep some structured information about the note:

uid: 2022-02-11-1523 
title: Note Title 
type: note 
tags: [tag1, tag2]

It’s a superset of JSON, and there are parsers for every major programming language.

Having structured information helps with Linked-notes-should-be-searchable.

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Linked Notes Should Be Searchable

To use Writing-as-a-user-interface-that-facilitates-thinking effectively, we should be able to find information flexibly in our notes. We should be able to do searches similar to: FIND notes that contain "deep learning"...

Representing Structured Information With Pure Text Is Challenging

In theory, in a Linked-notes system can be used also for journaling, task management, people relations (CRM) etc. Notes-can-store-structured-information-in-YAML-header. YAML schemas could be used for different entities (people, books, …),...

Technical implementation details of linked notes

Use plain text files for note-taking - Keep all notes in a single folder - Default note titles to a UID and think of a name later. - Notes-can-store-structured-information-in-YAML-header -...