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Tags can be used as implicit folders in knowledge notes


Tags as multi-hierarchy structure

Tags can be used as implicit folders. This gives you structure when needed, avoiding the limitations of hierarchical taxonomies. It also allows for a note to be part of multiple “folders”.

Nesting tags

Some of my notes are not exactly knowledge notes, but they are also not just emotional journaling. They are thinking through journaling, which can in the end produce interesting idea that end up as knowledge notes. It’s useful to be able to find all such notes in case I want to, since they provide the context through which an idea/association came from. They can be marked using a #journal/thinking tag.

Word of caution

Nesting should only be used when the specificity gives value to the note system. Thinking notes are valuable to read, but just random day-to-day journaling does not need a #journal/random tag. The more rules your system has, the more brittle it becomes because of friction.

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