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This applies to Big Tech and other companies who are applying similar interviewing strategies.

  • Spend 2 weeks reading “Cracking the Coding Interview” and familiarizing yourself with the process.
  • Sign up for LeetCode premium (return of investment if you get the offer makes it a no-brainer).
  • Adjust Grind 75 to the timeline you have ahead of you, and solve as many problems as you can.
  • Have a framework with which you approach problems, and practice your communication skills apart from your coding skills.
  • Use the rest of the links within Tech Interview Handbook to learn as much as possible about what you are attempting to do.

Read through the links below for argumentation of points above, and more details.

Outline (kind of)

  • levels.fyi: For checking out recent offers candidates got at Big Tech. Apparently, this is not representative enough, because the more competitive, higher offers don’t appear here. Glassdoor and similar websites are vastly wrong for tech roles.
  • blind: A savage, ruthless place, where you can get brutal comments for any question you might have regarding Big Tech. It is admittedly more fun to be an observer than a participant.
  • Candor: Useful practical guides, and even offers people got.
  • 6figr: Haven’t used but looks interesting for seeing offers people get.

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