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Why do I write notes?


  • I read a lot. I want to remember what I read.
  • I think a lot. I want to keep the thoughts that I believe are useful.
  • I have crazy fun thought trails. I want to be able to relive them.
  • I want to remember uncommon associations my brain does: Creativity is largely the ability to see connections between seemingly unrelated pieces.
  • I want to be able to examine how my thinking, beliefs, and values change as I grow older.
  • I want to store memories and experiences to relive them. Journaling, photos, etc.
  • I’m sometimes overwhelmed. Externalizing thoughts and inspecting them calms me down.
  • I don’t want to start from scratch whenever I write about something. Having a body of work ready to pool from helps immensely.
  • I don’t want to solve problems multiple times. When I figure something out, I want to have a cookbook for it, accessible whenever I am solving the same problem.
  • Brain memory and compute is limited. The more I offload resources, the more brainpower I have available for thinking.

I want Notes-as-a-lifelong-thinking-partner.

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About these notes

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Notes as a lifelong thinking partner

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