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I recently told people I want to move to San Francisco. The reactions were a mix of surprise and excitement. For me, it was a simple decision: that’s where I think my Mecca is.

Every field, every era, has one. A place where the best minds collide, sparking new ideas and pushing boundaries. Athens had its philosophers, Florence its artists, Paris its writers. These places become like hives. Talented people flock there, drawn by the energy and opportunity.

In tech, that place has been Silicon Valley for the past five decades. From the 1980s onward, almost every successful tech entrepreneur and company has had ties to Silicon Valley. Sure, the world today is more connected than ever. There are virtual networks and online communities. But there is a different kind of energy when you are physically present, when you can meet a legend at a coffee shop or bump into your future co-founder at McDonald’s.

It’s like Hamming said. You need to find where the people doing interesting things in your field are, and go there.

So, I want to go to San Francisco. After nearly five decades, Silicon Valley is still tech’s Mecca.