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Globalization might be undermining innovation through increased need for cooperation


Because of globalization, the need for stability is higher than ever before, since any kind of instability (like conflict) causes disruptions globally. This increases the need for cooperation.

Increased need for cooperation incentivizes discouragement of behavioral traits that can be uncooperative (ambition, strong beliefs, opinionated, etc.), making people who have a tendency for these traits to feel either bad about them, or ostracized.

Such traits are important for taking risks, believing in contrarian ideas, etc. They are essential for innovation, progress, and leadership.

Does improvement require risky, contrarian approaches? Improvement doesn’t need to come from such approaches. It’s just that when someone finds an improvement, it is a change of what already exists. People are resistant to change because of habits and set minds.

The increased need for global cooperation might be inadvertently sabotaging innovation.

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