Last modified on March 24, 2023

I currently live in Zurich, and work at a big tech company as a software engineer. I get to learn new things almost every day, and interact with a lot of smart people. It’s great.

On the side, I get gleeful about full-stack web-development and I play with projects to get low-level hands-on experience on a multitude of fundamental topics like databases, APIs. All this is fascinating to me since most of my prior programming experience was heavily engineering oriented accompanied by rudimentary command-line interfaces in the best case. The rest of my free time I spend on writing, this website, and reading books.

Recently I’ve been obsessing about polymathy and generalism, and spent a lot of time thinking if this is desirable, or even possible in the 21st century. I loved the concept of T-shaped and U-shaped hybrid from Stephan Ango.

If you happen to be in Zurich, reach out. I love to meet new people.