Scrambled eggs or omelet?

, 1 min read

Yesterday, my girlfriend asked me whether I’d like scrambled eggs or an omelet for breakfast.

Throughout my life, I had always preferred scrambled eggs. My mom would frequently whip up omelets, but I would only have scrambled eggs during special occasions like hotel breakfasts or when my dad took charge of the morning meal. Scrambled was the premium deal.

But I’ve been working at Google for the past 10 months. Every morning at 9 o’clock, I enjoy my breakfast at the office. On my plate, there’s a dark bread bun topped with cheese, turkey ham, tomato, and three slices of cucumber. Accompanying it is another plate with a serving of scrambled eggs and steamed vegetables.

Considering that I spend, on average, four days a week at the office, I’ve consumed scrambled eggs about 160 times since last August.

So, after pondering my girlfriend’s question for a second, I was surprised to hear myself answering her: ‘omelet’.