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Linked notes1 are a way to use Writing-as-a-user-interface-that-facilitates-thinking. The point is not writing notes per se, but accumulating knowledge, developing insight, and enhancing creativity. They are continuously-refined, living documents.

Principles that help:

The principles I use are mostly inherited from Zettelkasten. They help me achieve what I think should be the Requirements-for-a-linked-note-taking-system.

Technical implementation details of linked notes.

#TODO Linked-notes-are-a-curated-personalized-API-for-enhancing-thinking

  1. Zettelkasten, by Niklas Luhmann. Evergreen notes, by Andy Matuschak. Digital gardens. All describe somewhat similar note-taking systems of continuously refined and interlinked notes, adjusted to each person’s preference and needs. Therefore I call them simply “linked notes”. 

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About these notes

Hi, I’m Aristotelis! Welcome to my notes. To address some naturally occurring questions about these notes: Why-do-I-write-notes What-do-I-want-from-my-notes I treat these Notes as a lifelong thinking partner and I think...

Maintaining linked notes loosely resembles spaced repetition

#TODO: Make this a decent note In order to maintain a Linked-notes system, every time you add a new note you have to go through existing notes to link it....

Notes as a lifelong thinking partner

I want to be able to remember my thoughts, and revisit my work: Why-do-I-write-notes. Thoughts unwritten are invisible and hard to manipulate: Externalizing-thought-yields-clarity. The practice of writing Linked-notes results in...

Notes should be densely linked

Since Writing-is-a-way-to-record-thought-through-language, and the whole point of Linked-notes is to use Writing-as-a-user-interface-that-facilitates-thinking, related notes should be connected together. Similar to how a train of thoughts take you from A to...

Outline notes are useful for telling a story

Outline notes can be used when naturally arising clusters occur in Linked notes. When I realize that I have a conglomerate of notes around a common topic, I create a...

Representing Structured Information With Pure Text Is Challenging

In theory, in a Linked-notes system can be used also for journaling, task management, people relations (CRM) etc. Notes-can-store-structured-information-in-YAML-header. YAML schemas could be used for different entities (people, books, …),...

Writing as a medium for making sense

I often feel overwhelmed with the amount of thoughts in my head. Externalizing thought yields clarity. Linked-notes allow me to use Writing as a user interface that facilitates thinking. I...